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making insurance a better digital experience.

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Our advantage is experience.

We have been supporting the insurance industry for more than 20 years

We have been supporting the insurance industry for more than 20 years
in transformations, digitalisation and change management.

Our core asset is experience in General Insurance, the London Market and Life Insurance.

Our core asset is experience in
General Insurance, the London Market and Life Insurance.

Agile is in our hearts

Agile is in our hearts.
We apply many variations of agile methodologies
in the projects we run, tailored to each client’s organisational culture.

Find out why we are different.

30 days of vacations

Feel the real work-life balance
with 30 days of vacations.

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Acini – what does it mean?

Our name, Acini, comes from the Latin word ‘acinus’ which means a berry or a cluster of cells. So we used the plural, ‘acini’ to signify many independent teams or team members working together to bring more value for our customers. The name also stands for our approach in which everyone can make the decision as long as they are willing to take responsibility that comes with it. It also symbolises our trust in the powerful network effect.

Care for people and future of our kids.

We fight the corporate approach of living for work.
We work to live and we want to enjoy that life.

We care that our children and next generations
can breathe freely and enjoy the outdoors.
Which is why we will plant trees every year.

Our values

Our values



We aim for high quality & sincerity
Why: because it makes a difference to our customers and team spirit
How: we build our team very carefully and we make sure they have the right training. An open relationship with customers and partners is key.



We love simple solutions
Why: keep it simple and you can focus on the key things, delivering optimal results and not wasting time
How: we strive to keep all organizational rules simple. For you it means we come up with a lean solution in line with existing and anticipated requirements.



We care about life & people
Why: consulting and services tend to keep you busy, but we work to live our lives, not the other way round
How: we compensate extra hours worked, we have a 30 days off policy, which increases over time. At least 10% of a net profit goes to the team. And we work where we want as long as we deliver.



Trust means transparency
Why: because 98% of people are good and organizations should reflect that
How: our costs, our salaries, our bottom line and all company data is available to the team. So you can take part in the decision process and make right decisions.



Acceptance is a part of our culture
Why: because diversity is strength. We accept you as you are and with what you believe in - mutual respect is key.
How: For example where you work and how you dress is up to you.



We want to be green & sustainable
Why: because we plan to be on this planet for the next 40 or 50 years. And we have kids who will stay on this planet even longer.
How: we limit travel and offset our operations, and we give at least 3% of our net profit for green initiatives.

Our services

We are focused on insurance, powered with love for IT.

Software for Insurers

Software for Insurers
Vendor selection
IT&BIZ Architecture


Quality control


Technology selection
Risk control

Agile & DevOps

Agile & DevOps


Different approaches
Legal regulations

Project Management

Project Management
Love Agile
From small to large (100+)
project management

Why work with us

We reduce Total Cost of Delivery by:

Less means more
From over 50 projects delivered, we know that two exceptional and experienced people are worth more than 10 inexperienced people with average skills.

Effective communication and collaboration without burning time for 10+ people meetings.

Ready for 100% remote work
We ran many complex projects with between 10 and 50 people fully remotely.

How to start working with us?

‘Start small’ and our partnership can grow if you like how we work and what we deliver.
Run a PoC with 1-2 experts from our team and assess in 2-3 months what value the cooperation brings.


Partnerships are a natural extension of at least two Acini values, namely #quality #keepitsimple. What motivates us is finding optimum solutions for our clients and this dictates how and with whom we partner. After all it is in our name – Acini – which comes from the Latin word ‘acinus’ meaning a berry or a cluster of cells. These clusters can be made up of team-members, but go way beyond and include strategic partners working together to bring more value for our customers. Our trust in the powerful network effect informed us when partnering with:

Transforming the way life insurance carriers deliver and enhance the agent & customer experience.

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Keyrus is a data & business consulting company focused on accelerating transformation and generating new drivers of growth and competitiveness.

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Rafał Durasiewicz

Rafał Durasiewicz

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Why join us?

30 days off per year

work where you want, from home, from the wilderness or with others in a co-working office

we share our profits within the team

you can count on a good healthcare insurance and other market benefits

get involved in the decision process, in the spirit of a teal organisation (values above goals, transparency, self-organisation)

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